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10 - 12 November 2021
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We do everything to make your company data driven, by connecting to relevant data, store the data in data warehouse or data lake, designing the data, and visualise this. Focus is always on knowledge transfer.

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Get the best experienced and certified Alteryx and Tableau consultants for short- and longterm consultancy.


Get your free tips & tricks, how to become data-driven sessions, and official Alteryx and Tableau training!

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Do you have a technical or 'how to' question? Contact us for very quick and best available support in the market, and totally free for our license customers.


Let us advise you what Alteryx and Tableau licenses will work best for your organisation.

Recent blogposts

Human Brain and Data Visualisation

Data visualisation gives a clear idea of what the information means by giving it a visual context through maps or graphs. It is easy for human brain to comprehend thus making it easier to identify patterns, trends and outliers within large data sets Though data visualization use graphics and images to convey information, Data visualization […]

Alteryx Core Exam Cheat Sheet

During our last training sessions, we received feedback that having a cheat sheet would help the trainees immensely. In view of the “Open Book” concept of the exams, we thought it would be a good idea to share them with everyone (and use them DURING the Alteryx Core exam)! Input / Output Tool Description Browse […]

Alteryx: Should you lose the training wheels?

Programs like Alteryx have opened up the world of ETL to other people besides programmers and have made it possible for people with a lot of domain knowledge to start exploring their data. One of the things that Alteryx has done, besides giving you some basic tools like Select and Join, is give “catch-all”-tools like […]

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