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We do everything to make your company data driven, by connecting to relevant data, store the data in data warehouse or data lake, designing the data, and visualise this. You and your colleagues can easily analyse the data and make the right decisions. We advise you what licenses work best for you, provide support, organise all relevant training and have the best consultants in the market.

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Get the best experienced and certified Alteryx and Tableau consultants for short- and longterm consultancy.


Get your free tips & tricks, how to become data-driven sessions, and official Alteryx and Tableau training!

Support included

Do you have a technical or 'how to' question? Contact us for very quick and best available support in the market, and totally free for our license customers.


Let us advise you what Alteryx and Tableau licenses will work best for your organisation.

Recent blogposts

View, secure view, materialized view

In this blog post I will explain what a view is and how to create one, then I will discuss materialized views and secure views. While views and materialized views are common database concepts, the section concerning secure views is specific to Snowflake. Views A view is a database object resulting from an underlying query. […]

Create a tree diagram in Tableau

When I study, I like to create tree diagrams, colorful mind maps and really anything that will help the information sink deeper into my memory and understanding. While studying for the Snowflake certifications, I reproduced the information concerning Snowflake roles on paper: Once I was done, I thought it would be handy to create a […]

Snowflake roles, visualised

Snowflake offers five default roles. It is important to understand the default Snowflake roles as they can help you managing access control to data within your organisation. These default roles are hierarchically ordered: each role inherits the capabilities of the roles below it. Drawing from the Snowflake documentation on roles, I have built a tree […]

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