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How self-service analytics from Tableau is helping become a data-driven organisation

Anne van den Brink, Business Intelligence Manager for, discusses the importance of fast, agile data analytics in online retailing and how Tableau has helped transform into a data-driven organization, where employees can self-serve many of their own data needs. Read the interview with

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Tableau: How to embed a web page object into your dashboard

Put some spice into your Tableau dashboard by embedding a web page object into your dashboard and a URL action to hyperlink to additional web–based information on the user’s selection. In this dashboard about trees in Brussels, you can click on a dot and an image of this tree will appear on the right. In […]

Rounded bar chart with a flat side

Are you also in love with Modern User Interface design? Then this blog post might be right for you! While following a webinar by the amazing Tableau Zen Master Chantilly Jaggernauth, I got curious about how to re-create the rounded bar charts she used in her viz. I quickly found a tutorial by the great Andy […]

How to: make a dashboard open on current week

One of our customers recently asked us how to make their dashboard open on the current week. “my data” they specified “contains future dates too. I would like to make sure that the dashboard opens on today’s week (e.g. week 36), rather than in the most recent data available in the database”.  And lastly “further, I […]