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Why asking for our consultancy?


Why not getting the best out of your software? Our experts can help you achieve quick, great results with Tableau and Alteryx wether this involves kicking off your data philosophy, understanding the software thoroughly or just stepping up your game. Hiring our consultants will grant you an expert in your team that will help you go through your workload at a higher level and speed, but also will help you gain a data driven perspective your company will benefit from!


What can we help with?


We offer consultancy on: Tableau Prep, Desktop and Server and Alteryx Designer and Server.

We offer consultancy for: basic level issues such as starting using your data, but also for advanced and complex issues, offering a high quality help.


What do we do?



         Prepping and cleaning your data



         Data visualisation and reporting



          Server optimisation and security



          Help having a data driven plan, company idea, governance



          Company wide adaptation, embedding Tableau/Alteryx within the company


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