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Centre of Excellence


This platform allows each of our clients to ask any kind of questions about their software issues, wherever they are, whenever they want, 24/7 to a community of 1500+ members.


The Centre of Excellence will link you to other clients, data schoolers, Tableau and Alteryx consultants, Alteryx Aces and 1/3 of all Tableau Zen Masters worldwide. You will receive prompt answers by this A-class community.


In this platform not only you will receive answers but will also find plenty of resources like on-line training sessions and webinars. If you can’t participate to live versions, don’t worry, we upload the records on the platform.


Here’s an example of the platform:

The access to this platform is granted only to our customers. If you want to have access to our Centre of Excellence please don’t hesitate to contact us at: info@theinformationlab.nl or +31 20 261 4741