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#funnyfriday week 20 – Around the World in Eighty Days

Everybody knows “Around the World in Eighty Days” by French author Jules Verne.

Today the book is one of the classics, but it has been really successful since it was first published – it became soon popular, so popular that many attempted the journey described in the novel. One of them was Elizabeth Cochran Seaman, journalist of New York World, known under the pen name Nellie Bly, that in 1890 started her journey around the world following the steps of the book protagonist, Phileas Fogg.

Cochran Seaman was a pioneer in her field and often had to face the obstacles of 19th century society; despite all the odds she completed the journey in 72 days and met Verne in Amiens before returning to her hometown, New York.

Are you curious to discover all about her story, her journey and the countries she has crossed? Click here and discover this data visualisation by Michelle Maraj!